Anonymous developers have created a service to check "dirty" bitcoins - called Antinalysis.

Antinalysis utilizes the innovative edge of data science and machine learning for onchain analysis. However, the goals do not lie in aiding the surveillance autocracy of state-sponsored agencies. The service is dedicated to individuals that need to possess complete privacy on the blockchain, offering a perspective from the opponent’s point of view for the user to comprehend the possibility of his/her funds getting flagged down under autocratic illegal charges.

The Antinalysis tool calculates the percentage probability that the funds in the wallet will be identified as proceeds of crime.

The service operates on the anonymous Tor network and charges $3 for scanning a single address. According to its results, the user receives a breakdown of where, according to Antinalysis, bitcoins came from, with a note of the risk category.

Income from underground markets, bitcoin mixer, high-risk exchange, and theft is considered “extreme risk”, funds received from regulated exchanges and recently mined coins are classified as”not associated with risk”.

Antinalysis was created by one of the developers of Incognito Market, a darknet marketplace. The service offers “very accurate results”, which is allegedly confirmed by comparing it with the results obtained using available commercial blockchain analytics tools.

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