Top 22 Bitcoin Mixer & Tumbler Services in 2024 (Review)

Updated: 23 Mar. 2024

Top Bitcoin Mixers

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What is Bitcoin Mixer or BTC Tumbler?

Bitcoin mixer is a special service for anonymizing transactions in the BTC network, which allows you to prevent tracking them. The reliable Bitcoin tumbler obfuscates the data in the Bitcoin network, hiding your transactions from hackers, scammers and government agencies alike.

The legit Bitcoin Mixer allows you to break the link between two different wallet addresses. In other words, bitcoin mixers can help you anonymize any funds which you suspect could be linked to your identity. This helps prevent blockchain analysis companies like Chainalysys from identifying who you are and what you’re doing with your money.

We suggest paying attention to mixers for bitcoin, which have been tested for reliability by experts.

How do Bitcoin Tumblers work?

A Bitcoin mixer is a website or application that accepts the user’s coins and mixes them with other people’s coins.

The algorithm for mixing is initially set and consists of the following actions:

  • Splitting coins into a large number of small parts.
  • Randomly mixing of parts with shares from other users.
  • Sending the desired amount of money to the recipient, consisting of a large number of small parts that were previously owned by other anonymous users.

For a long time, bitcoin mixers have been very popular – especially among those who made illegal transactions and wanted to cover their tracks. However, today the governments of many countries have announced an active fight against money laundering.

At the same time, if a person uses these blenders it does not mean that he is necessarily an attacker. A common person who wants to protect his savings from scammers can also become a user of crypto-mixing services.

Bitcoin mixers charge a certain fee for the services provided. The amount of the commission depends on several factors – for example, the amount of the deposit, the number of mixes (rounds). With more mixing rounds, the user pays a higher fee, but at the same time, it increases safety. The main thing is to ensure that the total amount of coins is no more associated with their original owner.

Varieties of Bitcoin Mixers

There are three types of such services:

Centralized mixers

Centralized mixers represent the first generation of coin mixers, which are not very popular now. The user sends bitcoins, pays a fee, and receives coins from another user to the address specified in advance by him. The level of anonymity increases with the increase in the number of users. However, access to logs significantly reduces anonymity, which was the reason for the decrease in the popularity of centralized mixers.

P2P (peer-to-peer) mixers

Using the P2P services, you can shuffle your coins directly, without intermediaries. The risk of being scammed is reduced to zero. There are special protocols (CoinSwap, SharedCoin, CoinJoin) that provide an opportunity for several people to unite and perform one operation. This shared transaction is carried out in stages, according to a set of a given number of people. The mixing server itself stores the addresses – the users do not have access to them. To confuse the operation, it is necessary to increase the number of shuffles following each other. However, the main disadvantage of p2p mixing solutions is the very high minimum amount available for shuffling (0.1 BTC).

Smart contract crypto mixers

Like P2P tumblers, smart contract-based blenders are non-custodial. Nevertheless, unlike peer-to-peer blenders, smart contract tumblers don’t receive and send users’ coins in a single transaction. Rather, once the client deposits the cryptocurrency assets to the tumbler service, they receive a cryptographic note that verifies they were the one behind the deposit. The client can send the tumbler a transaction that uses that note to withdraw the coins to the new address from a new address. Notably, the client can wait as long as they want to withdraw their assets from the blender using that cryptographic note. Smart contract blenders also work alongside service providers called relayers, which can supply Ethereum (ETH) necessary to pay fees on the tumbler withdrawal transaction, guaranteeing the client can withdraw assets to a new address with no transaction history or links to other services.

Top Bitcoin Mixers in 2024

How do we review? Our writers and editors spend hours analyzing and reviewing services and apps to help find what’s most suitable for you. Please find out more about how we test, research, and rate.

We have published a selection of the most popular cryptocurrency mixers in 2024, which have been tested for reliability and functionality.


1. Anonymix is the best overall option for experienced users and also for newbies. Anonymix is a top-rated Bitcoin mixer that was tested by independent blockchain-experts. The service mixes the assets just in few clicks: you send Bitcoin using the Anonymix, and they will send you the clean anonymized funds back to a new address, with no connection to your identity.

The Bitcoin mixer offers the option to delay payments and to send your new coins to more than one bitcoin address.

Anonymix offers the option of “Quick mix,” which transfers coins after only one confirmation. You can add random delays for an extra security layer.

The service can handle Bitcoin mixes of up to 180 BTC. For each transaction, you can deposit the funds from multiple wallets and send them to up to five receiving addresses. They issue a certificate of origin and offer you the chance to delete the data log immediately.

Anonymix Limits:

  • Minimum Deposit is 0.002 BTC.
  • Maximum Deposit is 221 BTC.

Other Features:

  • Fixed Fee: 0.3%.
  • The service can handle large BTC transactions.
  • Each user can choose to delete the data log immediately.
  • No Registration is required.
  • No KYC (Know Your Client).
  • No AML (Anti Money Laundering).
  • No Logs or users statistics & trackers.
  • Works without Javascript.
  • 24/7 Support.

The procedure for mixing cryptocurrency:

  • Click the “Begin Mix” button on the main page of the website.
  • Set the BTC address for receiving clean coins.
  • Select the delay (from instant mix to 4 days).
  • Enter the generated captcha correctly & click the “Begin Mix” button.
  • Transfer the coins to the deposit address of the tumbler.
  • The special Mix ID code should be saved to check the status of your mixing operation.

Anonymix is a more secure service compared to others cause it works without JavaScript.


2. MixerTumbler

MixerTumbler is a well-known site for mixing BTC, characterized by impressive reserves. Every day, clean coins are added to the service pool. Mixing is carried out in a short time. A day after the operation is completed, the logs disappear, which allows you to achieve maximum anonymity.

Mixer Features:

  • Sending notifications about the next stage of mixing.
  • SSL connection.
  • Registration is not required.
  • Tor support for hiding data about operations performed.
  • The amount of BTC for mixing is not less than 0.01 BTC, otherwise, the service will consider it as a donation in its favor.
  • The duration of the operation is according to the delay selected by the user (from half an hour to 20 hours).
  • The ability to specify no more than one address for receiving funds.
  • The commission is 2-5%.

Regular customers of the service can take advantage of discounts when paying a commission.

BTC Blender

3. Bitcoin Mixer Blender

BTC Blender is super-easy to use. It features a sleek and minimalist design. The biggest benefit it brings forward is the ability to flexibly adjust the fee on your transactions. This is pretty out of the beaten track since most other providers set forth a fixed fee for all your operations. The mixer enables users to break the funds across as many as output addresses and determine the delays for each address.

Main Features:

  • Service Fee is user-controlled (0.5%-2.5%).
  • Registration is not required.
  • No Logs policy.
  • Minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC.
  • TOR mirror available.

4. BitMix

BitMix is an automated cryptocurrency mixer that provides almost 100% anonymity when mixing bitcoin.

Features of the service:

  • The amount for the deposit is 0.005 BTC (in the case of LTC, there is no minimum required).
  • Quick erase of data about the mixing operation.
  • It has the indicator of the mixing quality.
  • Minimum fee that can be configured.
  • The option of adjusting the mixing delay for increased security and privacy.
  • Payment protection with a letter of guarantee.
  • The absence of stored logs of operations & statistics of visits.

The service provides an API for developers who seek to ensure the anonymity of financial transactions.

The procedure for mixing cryptocurrency:

  1. Go to the “Mixer” tab in the main menu of the website.
  2. Specify the BTC address for receiving clean coins.
  3. Determine the fee amount and the delay to set the average or maximum mixing strength.
  4. Use a unique code after the tumbling – for those who have already used the mixer. Thanks to the code, you will not receive the previous bitcoins that you sent earlier.
  5. Set a random parameter. It affects the number of operations by which a clean cryptocurrency is transferred. If “Do not randomize” is selected, then the number of transactions is 1, “Randomize” is 2 or more, so that tracking in the blockchain will become almost impossible. However, in the last case, the minimum for input increases from 0.1 BTC and 1 LTC.
  6. Click on “Start mixing”.
  7. Transfer the coins to the address that appears on the webpage.

The letter of guarantee should be saved, cause it is a confirmation of the transaction.


5. CryptoMixer

This service is well-developed to the needs of users. Its task is to become the most popular bitcoin mixer.

CryptoMixer Features:

  • Unique algorithms for mixing currencies.
  • The ability to mix large amounts, since the service stores a reserve of 2000 BTC.
  • Low fees, availability of discounts.
  • User support is available 24/7.
  • The ability to specify the % of the currency distribution, the delay of the operation.
  • A profitable affiliate program.

CryptoMixer website works perfectly on smartphones, and the API is available to developers.


6. Coinomize

Coinomize is a trusted mixer that does not store logs, IP addresses, or other data, and provides users with complete anonymity. Allows you to send mixed coins to multiple addresses (up to five).


  • The fee could be manually set from 1% to 5% + network fee 0.0003 BTC.
  • The minimum amount for a mix is 0.0015 BTC.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • 1 confirmation is required to accept your coins.
  • You can set the mixing delay time to increase privacy.
  • Available in TOR network.

7. MixTum

The service was launched in 2018. It uses the mixing platform Jambler. When mixing currencies, the service does not mix the money available on personal accounts but uses coins purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges. Since crypto exchanges have impressive turnover, this guarantees the cleanliness of the mixed coins, which is checked by built-in service algorithms.

Features of MixTum:

  • Currency mixing without mixing codes, the number of pools is several or one.
  • No tracking of order parameters – attributes, ID.
  • The inability to set the mixing time by the client himself.
    Buying cryptocurrency on the largest crypto exchanges – such as Binance, OKEx, DigiFinex, Cryptonex.
  • Unique parameters for all requests. The mixer randomly defines the delay time (up to 6 hours), selects intermediate crypto wallets, sets the number of exits and the commission (4-5%), and then selects the percentage of mixed Bitcoins to the wallets specified by the client.

The user can set 2 forwarding addresses. It is also possible to configure them individually. The system’s return of clean cryptocurrency involves finding a suitable intermediary wallet with the ability to transfer 10-90% of the total amount. Sending clean coins is carried out in two or more transactions. Random amounts of funds are accrued at certain periods. This system complicates cluster analysis.


8. CoinMixer [closed]

The service was developed in 2017 and soon became very popular in clearnet. The engineers claim that when using their service, no one will be able to determine that you used a bitcoin mixer.

CoinMixer Limits:

  • There is no minimum requirement for the deposit: clients can shuffle even 0.0005 BTC.
  • Maximum Deposit is 37 BTC.

Other Features:

  • Randomized Fee for better anonymity: 1-2%.
  • No Registration is required.
  • No KYC (Know Your Client).
  • No AML (Anti Money Laundering).
  • No Logs & data collection.
  • The site works even with disabled Javascript.
  • 24/7 Support via email.

9. MixSafer [closed]

MixSafer was launched in August 2018. It is a part of a Jambler platform. This blender has a solid reputation in the Bitcoin community.

Main Features:

  • The user can set up two deposit addresses (the first is mandatory, second is optional).
  • The mixing process takes 6 hours (after the first confirmation of incoming transfer).
  • Service fee: 4.5% + 0.0007 BTC (network fee).
  • The minimum amount of funds for cleansing is 0.005 BTC.
  • The maximum amount is 50 BTC per one request.
Btc Mixer

10. BTCmixer [closed]

BTC mixer is a top-rated Bitcoin Blender, that is online since 2018. The main feature of this Btc anonymizer is the reserve of clean coins from Chinese and European mining pools. The reviews are largely positive: the clients are happy with the mixer’s speed, server stability, and support services offered.

Mixer Features:

  • Clean coins from Bitcoin miners in reserve.
  • Simple for beginners.
  • Mixed coins have good Blockchain history & can be accepted by popular exchanges.
  • The fee is extremely low (only 0.1%) compared to the other services.

11. ChipMixer [closed]

To work with ChipMixer, you do not need to register an account. It does not link sessions between individual visits to the service. The speed of the outputs is higher than the inputs: the blockchain “sees” that the user spends cryptocurrency before sending it to the mixer. After the operation is completed, a person is sent a receipt for receiving a clean cryptocurrency.

Features of ChipMixer:

  • Waiting for the deposit within 7 days, the possibility to extend it.
  • Saving logs for 7 days, their further deletion after manual or automatic completion of the session.
  • Fast and easy pages, no JavaScript.
  • The ability to specify the amount of the fee (donation).
  • One confirmation for transactions up to 20 BTC, 6 confirmations for other operations.

The amount for mixing starts from 0.001 BTC. If the user sends a smaller amount, the service will consider this deposit as a donation in its favor.

The mixer works on BTC addresses that are specified in certain amounts-from 0.001 BTC to 4,096 BTC in increments of 0.001 BTC. When a user deposits a cryptocurrency, a person receives the deposited amount of funds in chips. So, when you deposit 0.112 BTC, you will get 0,064 + 0,032 + 0,016 The chips are already anonymous and have nothing to do with the funds owned on the blockchain. It is allowed to spend them at any time, importing private keys into the Bitcoin wallet.

With chips, you can perform various operations – for example:

  • divide;
  • combine;
  • bet on luck (53% chance – to lose funds, 47% – to double the amount);
  • making donations;
  • import to your BTC wallet.

12. BitcoinMix [closed]

A relatively new project designed to achieve high anonymity.

Features of the service:

  • Fast deletion of data about completed transactions.
  • Storing data about incomplete transactions. This allows you to get help with a refund if necessary.
  • The absence of stored logs-therefore, even official regulators will not be able to get them at their requests.
  • The absence of an email database.
  • Full automation, elimination of the human factor.
  • An affiliate program with a profit of up to 65% of referral commissions and lightning-fast payments.

The service charges a commission of 2-5% for each operation. However, the user can also determine its amount himself.


13. SmartMix [closed]

In this service, you can mix not only large but also small amounts.

Mixer Features:

  • Relatively low commissions – 0.5% plus 0.0001 BTC for the output address.
  • Instant transactions and at the same time – the ability to set a delay.
  • The ability to increase anonymity by specifying multiple addresses.
  • No need to register an account, enter personal data.
  • Auto-deletion of logs after 7 days.

14. BitBlender [closed]

The service has been operating since 2013 and has received many positive reviews during this time. Lawyers and media representatives, for whom the issues of personal anonymity are important, refer to this mixing service very often.

Features of BitBlender:

  • A convenient, well-developed interface.
  • High speed of processing incoming requests.
  • Customizable commissions – 1-3%.
  • You can set a long delay (up to 99 hours).
  • You can use several addresses at once.
  • Responsive and qualified user support.
  • You can completely delete the logs and account, and you will not be able to restore them.

After mixing, the user receives a clean cryptocurrency that has not been used in any illegal operations. However, two-factor authentication is required for authorization. On the one hand, this ensures the security of savings, on the other hand, it reduces anonymity. But the last problem can be solved by deleting the account – it will not be possible to restore it.

15. Bitcoin Fog [closed]

The service was created in 2011. It was working only in the Tor network & became very popular in Darknet community. In 2021 the service was closed by the authorities.


16. BitCloak [closed]

This mixer does not use JavaScript, and you can work with it exclusively through the Tor browser. There are two ways of mixing – standard with a time delay and specifying up to 5 addresses and anonymous. In the last case, the user specifies the amount to pay for a particular service, after which BitCloak makes an anonymous payment. In the same way, it is possible to receive payments to yourself.

Features of BittCloack:

  • Official PGP key, which is used to sign messages and ads if they are available.
  • The “Get PGP proof” option is designed to make sure that the mixer owns every BTC wallet shown, so you can safely transfer funds to it. Thanks to this option, you can reduce the likelihood of encountering substitution of crypto wallets, errors, and phishing.
  • The relevance of BTC addresses is 24 hours, clean coins are sent after 1 confirmation.
  • The deposit starts from 0.01 to 100 BTC.
  • Availability of a free API for developers.
  • The fee of the service varies from operation to operation. Its approximate size is 2%. For each address that provides an accelerated transaction, a fee of 0.0004 BTC is provided.

When using this service, from time to time you will have to solve a captcha for security reasons.


17. FoxMixer [closed]

The service has been operating since 2017. It is characterized by transparent payments, a simple and user-friendly interface. After entering the required amount, the client has the opportunity to see what percentage of payments will be transferred to him at all the specified addresses. During mixing, standard and dynamic CoinJoin mixing methods are used.

Features of FoxMixer:

  • Availability of a letter of guarantee to solve problems if they happen.
  • Option to delay payment for up to two days.
  • Unique technology for in-depth mempool analysis.
  • API, thanks to which seamless integration with other services is achieved.
  • Availability of the status for tracking mixing in online mode.
  • Seamless multi-server redundancy for smooth operation.
  • Option to hide the location.
  • Always available and fast technical support, working 24/7.
  • You can use the service via Tor.

For mixing, you must have at least 0.002 BTC. To start crypto-mixing, 6 confirmations are required in the blockchain network. The commission amount is 1% plus 0.001 BTC for one output address.


18. BestMixer [closed]

The service allows you to mix not only Bitcoin but also Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin.

BestMixer Features:

  • Availability of secure servers.
  • SSL support.
  • A separate version of the service for the Tor network.
  • Automatic deletion of the operation history after 24 hours.
  • Flexible user privacy policy.

19. AtoB Mixer [closed]

This mixer has been functioning since 2015, but it has appeared in clearnet only in 2017. The service provides the MP2C protocol, which consists of a pool for sending cryptocurrency and a pool for receiving it. The presence of two pools prevents the user from receiving his previously sent “dirty” coins.

Features of the service:

  • High level of privacy. All logs are securely wiped, so regulators will not be able to get them. Logs are deleted 24 hours after the end of the operation.
  • It has two pools – Macro Data Wipe and Plug pull.
  • Moderate commission fees.
  • The presence of SSL to prevent data leakage.
  • PGP encryption.
  • Technical support responds to the request in 1-24 hours.

The commission fee is 1-2. 99%, the period of receiving cryptocurrency is from 6 to 24 hours, which ensures a high level of data confidentiality. You can specify up to 10 addresses at a time. Up to 16 cryptocurrencies are supported. There are limits on mixing – from 20 to 500,000 dollars, equivalent to the current exchange rate of cryptocurrencies.

There are ways to protect your Bitcoin transactions from the blockchain analysis:

  • availability of 10 recipient addresses;
  • protection from receiving your previous cryptocurrency during mixing;
  • 3 different types of reserves for mixing;
  • flexible adjustment of commission fees.

The threshold for conducting operations is 0.005 BTC.

The service supports several languages, there is round-the-clock technical support and an API for developers.


20. PrivCoin [closed]

The service works with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The fees are high, which allows you to process transactions immediately after the service receives a confirmed cryptocurrency. At the same time, the client can independently specify the time delays.

Features of PrivCoin:

  • The amount of the operation depends on the available stock of the selected cryptocurrency. The limit is specified when placing an order.
  • Citizens of the United States and the Netherlands do not have access to the service.
  • The validity of the address is stored for a day, after which the order information is deleted without the possibility of recovery.
  • The storage of personal data or logs is not provided.
  • There is a letter of guarantee with a digital electronic signature that confirms the obligations of PrivCoin.

o not create orders for an amount less than the specified minimum, so that the service does not regard them as donations for developers. The minimum sizes of the deposits are 0.005 for BTC, 0.01 for BCH, 0.1 for ETH, and 1 for LTC.

When mixing ETH, a standard ETH address is used – not a contract. Otherwise, the operation will be unsuccessful, and you will have to contact technical support for a manual refund.


21. SmartMixer [closed]

The service does not store operation logs. The information about them is deleted permanently after the mixing process is completed. The link for tracking the operation is deleted after a day, but the client can delete it by himself before that time.

Features of SmartMixer:

  • There is no account system.
  • You do not need to specify an email and other personal data.
  • There is an affiliate program with a reward of up to 70% of the commission from invited users.
  • Technical support representatives respond to the request within 24 hours.
  • The service interface is convenient and intuitive. It is enough to specify the receiving address, the commission, and the duration of the delay, after which you can send cryptocurrency.
  • There is a .onion version of the service.

A unique Smart Code hash is also provided, which is generated during the first mixing. Thanks to it, the risk of getting your previously sent coins is eliminated. The hash is also required to become a member of the loyalty program. The higher the number of mixes with this link, the lower the commission amount. The fee is 1% plus network fees.

There is support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin cryptocurrencies. Soon, the developers plan to add Ethereum.

When mixing, it is possible to specify up to 8 different addresses, which ensures maximum anonymity. At the same time, you can specify an individual delay and a commission fee for each address.


22. Wasabi

This is a desktop BTC wallet that has an open-source code and a high level of trust in the Bitcoin community. The developer is the company called zkSANCKS. There are versions for Windows, OSX, and Linux. The BIP84 output scheme is provided. The wallet generates only bech32 addresses.

Features of Wasabi Wallet Mixer:

  • The minimum ammout for mixing is pretty high: 0.14 BTC.
  • Integration with the Tor network, which is characterized by strong anonymity.
  • Using the BIP157-158 technology for safe, fast, and stable work without system failures.
  • Compliance with the ZeroLink wallet system with Chaumian CoinJoin. The method of mixing cryptocurrency eliminates the risk of theft of funds by the mixer provider.

The Wasabi Wallet allows you to achieve 100-fold anonymity. To start, the user needs to wait for the bitcoin pool of 100 users. After that, the coins are collected in a package and transferred.

The commission is 0.003% per the selected anonymity level. If anonymity is 50, the client pays a fee in the amount of 0,003% * 50 (=0,15%). In other situations, the commission amount increases or decreases.

Bitcoin Mixers: Top Pros and Cons

Bitcoin mixers, despite the well-thought-out methods of mixing, have certain disadvantages. For example, there is a 95% risk that the service will be decrypted due to cluster analysis. Bitfury and Chainalysis have developed algorithms for fairly accurate identification of addresses that are connected. As a result, customers are at certain risk, because with such algorithms, it is possible to discover the identity of the client and show who uses such services.

There is also a chance that the high-risk coins will be sent to the recipient. When the authorized bodies consider a particular case of money laundering, they can accuse someone who did not initially participate in it of a crime, and this leads to unpleasant consequences and difficulties.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Mixing Services: Key Factors

Problems with mixers may be less global – each service will have certain disadvantages. For example, one service may not have the option of mixing-delay, while another may not have the option of depositing on multiply different addresses.

When choosing a service, take into account the following parameters of cryptomixers:

The reputation of the service.

Check out the reviews on The Hub and other darknet websites.

Whether the service has a special mark. Thanks to it, authorized persons connect users ‘ BTC wallets with them, which allows them to track users of bitcoin mixing platforms.

The amount of the reserve.

The service should have an impressive mixing pool. If the operation exceeds the pool of coins, then after mixing, the accrual of clean cryptocurrency will be carried out in parts.

Additional tips

The speed of mixing is affected by the cryptocurrency and the size of the operation. After the client has made a deposit, the cryptocurrency is sent to the pool and waiting for confirmation ib blockchain. After that, it is sent to various wallets. The number of transactions depends on the number of wallets – it is necessary to calculate at least 5-6 BTC transfers.

To better anonymize the coins, the option of delayed mixing is used. Usually, mixers do not store order data – their information is kept for no more than 3 days, which is necessary to ensure a high level of confidentiality. The address generated by the service becomes invalid after 24 hours, besides, it can only be used for intra-service transfers. You can not accept another cryptocurrency to the same address.

Mixers do not require users to confirm their identity, do not organize KYC & AML procedures. During the operation, some services provide a letter of guarantee, or a special code confirming the ownership of the cryptocurrency, and the address for the deposit. It is necessary to keep tabs with this data open since they will be required to return the funds sent.

Often mixers limit the minimum transaction amount. As mentioned above, if you transfer an amount less than the minimum, you will lose your funds, since the service will consider it a donation.

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