BTCmixer Review 2024: Bitcoin Tumbler with Low Fee

Updated: 5 Jan. 2024

Since BTCmixer service was closed on January, 2023, we recommend you try Anonymix or BitMix.

BTCmixer review
  • Usability
  • Easy for beginners
  • Speed
  • Anonymity
  • Fees


BTC mixer is currently one of the best tools for anti-forensic examinations in the field of blockchain. It has the lowest commission among competitors, which is only 0.1%. The blender is easy to use for beginners, and the interface is well thought out.

What is BTCmixer? How does this service work? Does it offer competitive features?
In this review we will answer all the questions, so users can decide if it’s a good service for their needs.

What is BTCmixer?

BTCmixer is a Bitcoin blender (mixer, tumbler) for mixing or cleaning cryptocurrency. Bitcoin addresses, despite their apparent anonymity, are very easy to track if desired, analyze the transactions associated with them, and even explore the identity of the owner in this way. To avoid this, you can cover your tracks with a blender. By sending a certain amount through it, the user receives the same amount minus the fee but made up of a completely clean cryptocurrency. Thus, it becomes impossible to track transactions.

BTCmixer helps you eliminate all traces of the use of your coins and maintain complete anonymity. The Bitcoins are mixed using the platform’s pools, which guarantees high-quality mixing and eliminates the possibility of getting dirty funds back.

It is very easy to work with the mixer:

  • the user enters the output address, sets the fee, time delay, and sends the cryptocurrency;
  • the mixer mixes it using its encrypted algorithms;
  • clean coins are sent to the address or addresses specified by the user.

The principle is next: the tumbler uses a pool of coins taken from different sources. It places the funds received from the client in the pool, mixes them with the existing ones, and then sends the clean funds to the specified address. At the same time, by sending 5 BTC, you can get 10 times 0.5 BTC from different sources. The more sources there are, the more difficult it is to track a transaction. BTCmixer has four cryptocurrency pools.

For even more security and privacy, it is recommended to use the Bitcoin mixer in combination with a VPN. The registration on the service is not required, it means that you do not need to leave any personal data, including email.

BTCmixer Overview

Fee:Fixed, only 0.1%.
Minimum Deposit:0.001 BTC.
Maximum Deposit:81 BTC.
Logs Policy:Zero logs policy. All logs are deleted.
Time Delays:Yes, User-controlled. From instant mix (after 1 confirmation) to 24 hours delay.
Additional Output Addresses:No.
Control Deposit Percentage by Individual Address:No.
Letter of Guarantee:No.

How to mix the coins with BTCmixer?

  1. To get started, you should push press the button “Click here to start” on the home page.
  2. On the next screen, specify all the necessary parameters:
    the output address for the clean Bitcoins & the mixing time.
  3. Then press the “Continue” button.
  4. Then send your coins – minimum 0.001 BTC.
  5. When the tumbler receives the payment, the user will be notified. You need three miner confirmations for the transaction to pass. But after that, the funds will not come immediately, but after the delay, selected in the second step of creating the order.

Service fees

BTCmixer has probably the lowest fee among competitors. The fee is fixed and it is just 0.1%, which is very low.

Advantages of BTCmixer

  • very low fee;
  • easy to use;
  • mobile-friendly interface;
  • fast bitcoin tumbling;
  • custom mixing time settings;
  • zero logs policy.


After using BTCmixer we found this service easy to use even for the newbies in cryptocurrencies. The interface has a smooth design and works perfectly even on mobile phones. The service is safe and has a good reputation in the crypto-community. Our verdict on this btc laundry – on of the Top Bitcoin Mixers.

BTC Mixer’s Reviews

I am impressed with speed of total mixing time. After discovering this mixer I feel bad for my wasted time on other services. Interface is easy, smooth and understanable. Even my grandmother can mix her coins in case of wanna be untraceable. I won’t hesitate to share this service with my friends. IMO this one will be my preferred mixer.


Full Member


Tried BTC Mixing service for the first time, it’s easy and smooth. The main page interface is nice, simple, and quite intuitive. The process also very quick, my whole mixing process from creating order to coins being sent to destination address only took 15 minutes (I chose instant mixing and got lucky on my blockchain confirmation time Tongue). The order page is also as nice as the main landing page, it is clean and very informative.


Hero Member

In my opinion every trader/gambler should care about privacy like me. Some exchanges don’t let btc deposits if you can not provide enough evidence for source of funds.In this case i gonna to use coin mixing services. After mixing my coins on i am able to deposit or withdraw for various sites without any hassle. If you care about your privacy i definitely advice this btc mixing service.


Full Member

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