ChipMixer Review 2024: Unique & Innovative BTC Tumbler

Updated: 5 Jan. 2024

Since service was closed on February, 2023, we recommend you try Anonymix or BitMix.

ChipMixer Review
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  • Anonymity
  • Fees


ChipMixer is a non-standard Bitcoin blender. In it, all deposits are equal to chips. The mixer is based on a donation, no fee is required. The service works in the clearnet and .onion networks.

What is ChipMixer? How does this service work? Does it offer competitive features?
In this review we will answer all the questions, so users can decide if it’s a good service for their needs.


It has already been 10 years since bitcoin appeared with full confidence, it can be characterized by a different monetary unit and a more comfortable payment system. However, many people are not satisfied with its pseudo-anonymity, because anyone can track through the blockchain. Bitcoin mixers are ready to improve the use of cryptocurrency and enhance anonymity, and one of them is ChipMixer.

What is ChipMixer?

ChipMixer is a Bitcoin Tumbler. The service was launched in 2017 and since that time the service has become one of the most trusted in the Bitcoin community, especially among Bitcointalk users.

ChipMixer – serves to confuse bitcoin transactions, which can help protect privacy in the conditions of “pseudo-anonymity”. This is one of the proven services, with the ability to unlink transactions which makes it impossible to observe the chain from the sender of the cryptocurrency to the recipient. The mixing procedure in the service is completely different from competitors and very innovative. ChipMixer uses the Chips concept.

ChipMixer Overview

Fee:Pay what you want (donation-based).
Minimum Deposit:0.001 BTC.
Maximum Deposit:59 BTC.
Logs Policy:Zero logs policy. All logs are destroyed.
Time Delays:Yes, User-controlled.
Additional Output Addresses:Yes, unlimited. User owns the private keys.
Control Deposit Percentage by Individual Address:No.
Letter of Guarantee:No.


How does ChipMixer work?

ChipMixer creates special chips and funds them with specific sizes. These are chips with 0.001 BTC, 0.002 BTC, 0.004 BTC, and so on till 4.096 BTC. When you deposit your Bitcoins, you receive the same amount in chips. For example you deposit 0.112 BTC and you receive 0.064 + 0.032 + 0.016 chips. Each chip was funded before your deposit, so there is no link between them and your deposit on the blockchain. They are already anonymous.

Service fees

There is no minimum fee. The service is based on donations.

Features of ChipMixer

  • Big chips can be split into two small ones ie. 0.064 BTC chip into two 0.032 BTC chips.
  • Two small same-sized chips can be merged into big ones ie. two 0.032 BTC chips into 0.064 BTC chip.
  • The chip can be bet to either receive twice as big one or receive nothing. The chance to receive a big chip is around 47% and is provably fair.
  • The chip can be donated for the service. If you only have big chips, you can split them before donating.
  • Finally, a chip or all chips can be withdrawn. This will reveal their private keys you can import into your Bitcoin wallet.
  • The service is 100% anonymous. It does not perform maintenance in any way and does not keep a log of visits or applications.

Advantages of ChipMixer

  • Innovative mixing technology;
  • 7-day deposit waiting period;
  • The logs are saved for 7 days of the session, but are deleted after automatic or manual completion;
  • The service is as lightweight as possible, it works without JavaScript;
    For transactions of less than 20 BTC, one confirmation is required, for the remaining 6 confirmations;
  • Fast support.


When we took ChipMixer for a test drive, we found it very innovative and unique Bitcoin mixer. ChipMixer invented its mixing technology which is a great way to anonymize your bitcoins. Today it is one of the most reliable and convenient Bitcoin tumbling services, with a reputation confirmed by reviews.

ChipMixer’s Reviews

This is definitely one of the smarter ways to mix your BTC, even with 0.001 minimum, personally don’t see a need to mix less than this amount. And with them not taking any fee off the top, relying solely on donations, its definitely one of the better things to put your money towards, if you’re trying to mix BTC.


Legendary Member


There are many bitcoin mixing services available but ChipMixer certainly is most innovative and unique of them all.I do not usually need to use mixing services but will be referring my friends to ChipMixer when required…


Hero Member

First I discovered this tumbler on Reddit. Been using mixer service for months now since our exchange platform had an issue with casino gambling sites and this is the first time I read ChipMixer procedure and I was amazed on the process of mixing coins. This is actually a brilliant idea!


Full Member

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