CoinMixer Review 2024: Perfect Bitcoin Tumbler for beginners

Updated: 5 Jan 2024

CoinMixer Review
  • Usability
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Speed
  • Anonymity
  • Fees


The coin mixer has a multilingual interface that allows you to safely mix BTC without knowing English. This is the first bitcoin laundering service that does not require a minimum deposit. The fee is fixed, which is great for security reasons.

What is CoinMixer? How does this service work? Does it offer competitive features?
In this review we will answer all the questions, so users can decide if it’s a good service for their needs.

What is CoinMixer?

CoinMixer is a service for mixing bitcoin transactions, which helps protect privacy in the conditions of pseudo-anonymity and an open transaction registry (blockchain). This is one of the reliable services that can confuse the traces of BTC transactions and make it impossible to track the chain from the sender of the cryptocurrency to the recipient.

The mixing process of CoinMixer is fully automated, and after cleaning bitcoin, the service deletes all data about the mixing. The use of the service is completely anonymous. You do not need to provide any personal data to perform the tumbling of your dirty coins. The service doesn’t store any logs of visits or usage. Information about the coin-deposits is stored only for 72 hours for security purposes. The service is available in English, Russian, French and Dutch languages.

CoinMixer Overview

Fee:Randomized, 1%-2%.
Minimum Deposit:No Minimum deposit. Users can mix even 0.0005 BTC.
Maximum Deposit:37 BTC.
Logs Policy:Zero logs policy. All logs are wiped.
Time Delays:Yes, User-controlled. From instant mix (after 1 confirmation) to 5 hours delay.
Additional Output Addresses:No.
Control Deposit Percentage by Individual Address:No.
Letter of Guarantee:Yes.

How does CoinMixer work?

Bitcoin Tumbler CoinMixer anonymizes transactions by splitting them into small parts and sending them multiple times in different directions. The platform will take the bitcoins on deposit, anonymize them and return the same amount, but completely new coins. This significantly complicates and makes it almost impossible to track the initial sender of transactions, so the coins that hit the wallet after mixing can be considered as clean.

By depositing coins to the service, the user receives a letter of guarantee, which is generated by the server. The letter of guarantee must be saved for the duration of the transaction.

Why should you use a CoinMixer?

There is a myth that bitcoin is completely anonymous, but this is not quite true. Bitcoin’s system doesn’t require sensitive user information, but the transaction registry is publicly available, so if you buy coins using your PayPal or a credit card, everyone will know this. With the help of tracking the blockchain registry, anyone can view the path of coins from the moment of their creation to the current holder, as well as the wallet balance, all incoming and outgoing transactions on it.

For minor transactions, you can use cryptocurrency without fear, but there are also cases when you need to withdraw a large amount while remaining anonymous and not getting the close attention of hackers or regulatory authorities.

How to mix the bitcoins via CoinMixer

You can anonymize bitcoin through a simple online form, where you will need to specify the destination (output) address for the clean coins. To increase privacy, it is recommended to create a new bitcoin wallet, as well as use the VPN during the whole mixing process.

The user can also select the mixing time in the range from 24 hours to instant translation. The set delay time determines the mixing strength and the level of anonymization.

After filling out the form, the “dirty” bitcoins should be sent to the address offered by the service, as a result of which the client receives a letter of guarantee. After the mixing process is finished, the user can safely delete the letter of guarantee.

Service fees

One of the advantages of the service is the low fees that are randomized for privacy. The minimum fee for one operation is 1% of the amount, the maximum is 2%.

Advantages of CoinMixer

  • low and randomized fees;
  • instant cleaning;
  • ability to set a delay to increase privacy;
  • secure mixing with a letter of guarantee;
  • any information about transactions is deleted after 72 hours.


When we took CoinMixer for a test drive, we found it easy to use and safe. CoinMixer is one of the most reliable and convenient BTC mixing services, with a reputation confirmed by reviews. With it, you can forget about such a disadvantage of bitcoin as the lack of complete anonymity and be sure that the true origin of the coins will be hidden from outsiders. Our verdict on this coin laundering service – one of the Best Bitcoin Tumblers.

Coin Mixer’s Reviews

Coin Mixer is a highly reliable and very safe Bitcoin blender designed to achieve full anonymity and privacy for anyone that engages with Bitcoin transactions. You can shuffle your dirty coins in just few clicks!


Full Member

Bitcoincom partner

I tried the service few times with different amounts, different settings on the time delay. First I mixed 0.001 BTC, and then 0.4 BTC. Both times the service worked as advertised.


Legendary Member

Smooth tumbling experience and the uncomplicated website formation make Coin Mixer one of the best in the mixing industry. Five stars!


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