CryptoMixer Review 2024: The Best Bitcoin Tumbler

Updated: 5 Jan. 2024

CryptoMixer Review
  • Usability
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Speed
  • Anonymity
  • Fees


CryptoMixer allows you to safely mix BTC, do not pay more than 3% service fee. It’s cheaper than most alternative cryptocurrency mixers. The service has strong encryption, which allows its users to remain anonymous and protected from third parties.

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What is CryptoMixer? How does this service work? Does it offer competitive features?
In this review we will answer all the questions, so users can decide if it’s a good service for their needs.


The main principle of any blockchain, including the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, is transparency. Everyone can see information about transactions. A user who has at least once posted information about his wallet somewhere should understand that now anyone can set up surveillance for this address and know where he receives funds or where he sends them.

This is not so dangerous as long as you do not link the address to any shop or crypto exchange that requires account verification. This way, everything can be found out about you, right down to your passport details. If the anonymity of the user’s actions is really important, he begins to use Crypto Tumblers such as CryptoMixer.

What is CryptoMixer?

CryptoMixer is a Bitcoin Tumbler that is necessary to maintain complete anonymity in the process of using cryptocurrencies. The technology used on the site breaks the connection between the old and new wallet addresses. The platform already has cleared (mixed) coins in its reserves. When a user makes a transaction through the mixer, the output address receives completely clean and anonymous funds.

CryptoMixer Overview

Fee:0.5%-3% (user-controlled)
Minimum Deposit:0.001 BTC.
Maximum Deposit:162 BTC.
Logs Policy:Zero logs policy. All logs are wiped.
Time Delays:Yes, User-controlled. From instant mix (after 1 confirmation) to 96 hours delay.
Additional Output Addresses:Yes, up to 10.
Control Deposit Percentage by Individual Address:Yes, full control.
Letter of Guarantee:Yes, signed by the main BTC address.

How does CryptoMixer work?

CryptoMixer is a site that accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and mixes it with other people’s coins. The service can be a great help for those who want to protect themselves, eliminate the possibility of extortion, etc.

The principle of service is easy. CryptoMixer uses a cryptocurrency received from many users and, using special mixing algorithms, distributes them to different addresses. In another way, this process is called bitcoin cleaning (mixing), since in this case the coins are “cleared” from belonging to a particular wallet.

After the tumbling is completed, the Bitcoins are sent to the receiving address, except the amount deducted as a service fee. The fee of CryptoMixer is flexible, depending on the amount sent and the total number of shuffles. The resulting cryptocurrencies are not related to the original address in any way.

Service fees

The minimum fee is 0.5%. The maximum fee is 5%. Fees can be set custom by every user.

Features of CryptoMixer

  • the cleaning process is 100% automated, so the human factor is eliminated;
  • up to 5 withdrawal addresses are used, between which coins are distributed randomly;
  • possibility of delayed cleaning (delay);
  • flexible fees system (from 0.5 to 4 percent per transaction);
  • the possibility of the user receiving his cryptocurrency in the future is excluded, every user receives the unique mixing code;
  • 1 transaction confirmation is enough to start the mixing process;
  • information about the transaction is permanently deleted from the logs one day after the transaction is completed.


When we tested CryptoMixer first time, we found this service very easy to use. Among the mixers currently available today, CryptoMixer is probably the most convenient Btc Blender, reliable, and fast. Its high reputation is confirmed by numerous reviews on the crypto-forums. Our verdict on this coin laundering service – the Best Bitcoin Mixer.

CryptoMixer’s Reviews

I have been using this service since its inception, when only Bitcoin mixing was available. I mainly use it to mix btc, everything is legal – no crime or anything else, it’s just for my own privacy. The service has a lot of positive reviews on the forums, all problems are solved by the support within 24 hours. Big up, CryptoMixer!


Legendary Member

Bitcoincom partner

This is a very good service for users that want more privacy in their transactions, the concept to be able to receive coins for different addresses is really innovative! Amazing user interface makes the tumbler very easy ti use even for newbies. By the way, I was using Bitmixer before I found Cryptomixer. What can I say else? The best coin tumbler on web!


Hero Member

It’s definitely no short of a revolution for bitcoin mixers. Previously traditional bitcoin mixers has never thought of such a creative and anonymous way of doing things and crypto-mixer is definitely here to innovate. Also, the fact that they are able to promote their product on the forum whilst only running on donation means that they are in here for the long run.


Full Member

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