Famous carding marketplace Swarmshop hacked, around half million bank card details stolen

The Swarmshop carding shop was hacked, and information about all sellers, customers, as well as all the data of stolen cards that had been selling on the site was leaked from it.

According to the news, the compromise of the site occurred in March 2021, although at first the administrators of Swarmshop claimed that the data was obtained as a result of a previous hack, dated January 2020. Then the hacker tried to sell the database of forum users, and all participants were asked to change their passwords.

However, some experts analyzed the fresh dump and concluded that it is new, judging by the time marks of user activity. The dump contains 12,344 records of forum participants, including nicknames, hashed passwords, contact information, and the activity history of Swarmshop administrators, sellers, and customers.

In total, the database contains 4 records about resource administrators, 90 records about sellers, and 12,250 records about customers of stolen credit cards.

The dump included the full information about the stolen bank cards that were selling on the Swarmshop market. The dump found data on 623,036 payment cards issued by banks in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, China, Singapore, France, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. As well as 498 sets of credentials from online banking and 69,592 sets of social security numbers (SSN) for residents of the United States and Canada.

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