How to Buy Bitcoin in USA and Europe

Almost in any country of the world, a person willing to buy Bitcoins can use stock services or use the Bitcoin ATM. However, there also exist other ways to buy cryptocurrencies. Here below, we’ll show you the ways to buy Bitcoins in two points of the globe: United States and Europe.

USA: Buying Bitcoins Easily

USA is among the biggest Bitcoin buying markets, and here the customer has probably the widest set of possibilities and ways. When willing to buy Bitcoins in the US, one can use websites like Coinbase directly, use the Paxful service or Kraken stock, especially in case they don’t want to go in for LocalBitcoins services.

Let’s review all threads in more details.

Direct Purchase

Services like previously mentioned Coinbase or Kraken offer direct purchasing of bitcoins with low fees and the opportunity to store newly received coins in their online wallets right after that. Both platforms work with credit card payments and bank withdrawals equally well. Expresscoin allows buying Bitcoins with cash through the Billpay system.

P2P Exchanges: Purchase from other Users

Users from America have access to platforms like Bitquick and Paxful. With Bitquick, the person willing to buy coins makes a money deposit to the known account in the seller’s bank. In Paxful, sellers are free to select any payment way they want including Western Union, PayPal, credit or debit cards, and much more. You should keep in mind that Paxful usually has prices high enough, and Bitquick takes 2% of fee.


If you want to buy Bitcoins for dollars via the stock, that’s obviously possible. Here are some of the largest stocks: GDAX, Bitstamp, BTC-E, Gemini, Kraken and Bitfinex.

Mostly, stocks accept only bank transfers, but BTC-E also offers loading funds from the credit card and some payment systems including Paysafecards and PerfectMoney.

Europe: Get Bitcoins

In Europe, the Bitcoin market is also quite vast and it continues growing even bigger these days. Investing in Bitcoins might become of the best financial solutions for future profits. Here are ways to buy Bitcoin in Europe.


In Europe, there are hundreds of Bitcoin ATMs. The website of is the ultimate database of European ATMs with Bitcoins. The process is simple and usual, so there is nothing to explain.

Direct Purchase

In Europe, there are many direct Bitcoin purchase service providers with multiple payment channels available due to the imperfect, blurred law regulations changing from one region to another. Mostly, such brokers take 0.5-5% fees from clients depending on payment methods they choose, and also earn with the spread.

Additionally, online wallets of Coinbase and Circle with the option to purchase Bitcoins by bank transfers or credit cards are available to use them in most European countries.

Peer-to-Peer Exchange

The LocalBitcoins service is available in all countries of EU except Germany. There, people can choose, too. It’s a peering market for the entire EU, they accept money as SEPA transfers. Taking into account the 0.5% fee only, and a narrow, thin spread, this is probably the cheapest way to buy Bitcoins in Europe, if to exclude stocks.


There are some of them in EU. First of all, we should mention Kraken. Then, there go less famous ones like BTC-E and Bitstamp. All of them demand full-scale identification to use services.

Additional Info

In Germany, you can use Fidor-Bank that cooperates with the previously mentioned Kraken and to make the process of purchasing from these platforms significantly simpler, faster and more comfortable. Fidor clients can identify themselves automatically in the system and use the ExpressTrade function. It allows buying unlimited numbers of Bitcoins by relatively low prices and becomes available for you only several minutes after you register at the website.

These were main ways to buy Bitcoins in the US and Europe. Other options do exist, but they may be less comfortable, not so fast and less reliable. Check every alternative and choose the way suiting you the most to buy bitcoins with comfort.

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