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Anonymous developers have created a service to check “dirty” bitcoins – called Antinalysis

Antinalysis utilizes the innovative edge of data science and machine learning for onchain analysis. However, the goals do not lie in aiding the surveillance autocracy of state-sponsored agencies. The service was created by one of the developers of Incognito Market, a darknet marketplace. 

Bitcoin Mixing in TOR network isn’t safe due to Malicious Tor Exit Relays

Cryptocurrency users – the main aim of unknown hack-group which controls around 27% of all TOR exit nodes. The big investigation of the security specialist and Tor server administrator, known under the pseudonym Nusenu.

Growing Interest in Bitcoin is Driving Growth in the Cryptocurrency Busines

The year 2021 has started optimistically for the major cryptocurrencies, which have increased in value. Along with the increase in value, the industry also saw a significant increase in business entities and investment.

Famous carding marketplace Swarmshop hacked, around half million bank card details stolen

According to the news, the compromise of the site occurred in March 2021, although at first the administrators of Swarmshop claimed that the data was obtained as a result of a previous hack, dated January 2020.