SmartMixer Review 2023: Cryptomixer with 3 mixing pools

Updated: 25 Aug 2023

Since service was closed, we recommend you try Anonymix or BitMix.

SmartMixer review
  • Usability
  • Easy for beginners
  • Speed
  • Anonymity
  • Fees


SmartMixer is good Bitcoin Mixer with a lot of customizable features. It has three different mixing pools: Standard Pool, Smart Pool & Stealth Pool. These pools allow user to chose which anonymity set he wants to get.

SmartMixer is easy to use and enables to adjust percentage distributions and time delays. In addition, you can determine the quality of coins you will receive by setting a specific level of fees at the mixer. It doesn’t require any registration and all logs are automatically deleted after the 24h period, ensuring the highest level of anonymity for your mixing operations. In this SmartMixer review, we look into the detailed step-by-step guide, highlighting the benefits and limitations that this provider has. If you are new to mixing, this mixer is a good choice for you!

SmartMixer features

  • Service Fee: User Controlled, 1-5%;
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC ;
  • Maximum Deposit: 85 BTC;
  • Registration: not required;
  • KYC policy: NO KYC;
  • AML policy: NO AML;
  • Logs policy: NO LOGS;
  • Support: 24/7 support via site contact-form.

Is SmartMixer legit?

It’s a pretty popular cryptomixer for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. There are a lot of positive reviews online with people saying that they had no problems when cleansing their cryptocurrency at this service.


Is it easy to use SmartMixer?

It has a pretty pleasant UI with nifty sliders that help you set up the indicators in the way you want without much trouble.

In this SmartMixer review we are going to discuss all the stages within the mixing process, so that you know exactly how to use this service. So, make sure that you bookmark our page and return to it whenever you need the guidelines as to how to work with this cryptocurrency cleaning service.

Stage 1. Picking the coin

At the first Stage, you need to go to the main page of SmartMixer and click on one of the buttons for the respective coin you want to mix

You can choose Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum (ETH coin will be added soon).

Stage 2. Adjusting settings

You’ll get transferred to a new window where you’ll need to specify various settings for your mixing process. We’ve picked Bitcoin mixing for this SmartMixer review, but you can choose any of the other 3 coins since the cleaning process is absolutely the same for all of them. Except for the fees and minimum limits which you can find out in the FAQ for the mixer.

We’ve broken down this page into several sections. And here’s the description for the first section.

SmartMixer short FAQ:

What is the smart code at SmartMixer?

The Smart Code is the way for the mixer to ensure that the user won’t get their own coins from the system which they sent during the previous mixing gigs. This is the only way to ensure this since the system has no registration or data tracking in place.

That’s why you should always copy and use the smart code whenever you come back to SmartMixer.

Handling receiver addresses at SmartMixer

You can create up to 8 receiver addresses with this mixer. Of course, it’s the best practice to divide the outgoing amount across as many addresses as you can since this will significantly hamper the blockchain analysis on your transaction. Thus, this provides you with the higher anonymity in your mixing operations.

In order to set up an additional receiver address, click the plus symbol to the right from the first address.

When you create a new receiver address, the system will automatically divide the amount between them in an equal manner and set up differing delay periods.

What fees do you pay at SmartMixer?

At SmartMixer, you need to use the slider in order the set the fees you are willing to pay for the mixing operations. The fee depends on the level of “cleanliness” for the coins you want to see. The lowest value is 1% and the highest is 5%.

The fees are grouped into 3 pools (standard, smart and stealth) and you can adjust the fee values within each pool’s range. The pool ranges are indicated by round circles on top of the slider.

Here are the most important things you need to know about the pools in this SmartMixer review:

Standard Pool

This is the standard peer-to-peer option that is usually enabled at other mixers. Here, your funds will be exchanged with the coins from other ordinary users. The system doesn’t extend any guarantees as to the quality or origins for the coins you’ll receive.

It’s important to understand that there’s a pretty high chance that you’ll receive either “dirty” or “dirtier-than-yours” coins in return for your crypto since most of users at mixers try to exchange their dirty coins with clean ones. Though some users have already started to feel that it makes sense to mix their holdings even if they don’t see them as dirty, this is pretty far from a prevalent behavior on the market.

Who should use this pool? If you already have pretty dirty coins and you just want to obfuscate your pathway across the coin’s blockchain, this is the choice for you.

Smart Pool

The second pool is called “smart” because… well, it might just be good-ol’ marketing. What I don’t like about this pool is that there’s no certainty as to what kind of coins you’ll receive. The SmartMixer team says that the smart pool brings together the aggregated coins from the transactions, going through the standard pool, and then mixes them together with the mixer’s own reserves and the monies from private investors and exchanges.

The problem that I have with this statement is that you don’t really know what techniques SmartMixer uses in order to “cook this premix”, and it’s impossible to gauge the quality of coins in the pool.

So, if you are looking to exchange your dirty coins with clean ones, you’d be better off going with the Stealth Pool (discussed below). And if you just want to “muddy the waters” when you prepare an amount for a transaction, you can go with the Standard Pool.

Stealth Pool

In this pool, SmartMixer accumulates exclusively the funds from private investors and its own reserves. These are 100% clean coins. You can be sure that those coins have passed a couple of checks at crypto exchanges on their way to get here.

If you tap into the Stealth Pool, you’ll surely have no problems down the road, even after a couple of decades. Some experts point to the fact that analytics companies and governments are beefing up their capabilities to analyse and track transactions on the blockchain. This means that if a person does something illegal, their transactions might be fully trackable and assignable to their ID within 5-10 years.

So, you don’t want to exchange your coins with those coins at a mixer. The stealth pool contains fully clean coins that won’t get you into any kind of problem, ever. But to receive them, you’ll have to pay a hefty fee of 4-5%.

How to set up percentage distributions?

You can specify the different percentage distributions for each of the addresses without paying any additional fees.

Distributing your outgoing transaction you a much higher anonymity by preventing the blockchain analysis on your mixing operations.

How to adjust the time delay at SmartMixer?

In contrast to other – less flexible – mixers, this service gives you a chance to specify the time delay periods for each of the receiver addresses.

It makes sense to postpone the transaction for 5-10 hours, and it probably makes good sense to scatter the time delays around.

Comments about mixing strength

As we’ve said above, users have different needs when using services like SmartMixer reviewed here. Some of you might just want to hide their pathway. While others will want to receive the high-quality clean coins. For the first tribe, it doesn’t matter that much what kind of coins they’ll receive, as long as they aren’t going to be connected to their “personalised” wallet. So, it’s only important to set up good percentage distribution and time delays. The second group needs to increase the fees in order to tap into the higher-quality coins!

So, instead of being a perfectionist and trying to get the highest strength for each of your transactions, you should first consider your goals and make your decisions based on those.

Stage 3. Accepting the terms

At the next page, you’ll just need to read and check off on the terms.

Importantly, you should understand that you only have 24 hours to make the deposit under the order in question and only the first incoming transaction will be recognised. This is different from other mixers (e.g., ChipMixer) where there are no limits for the amount of incoming transactions and you can deposit funds within a different time period.

Stage 4. Depositing funds

First, save the order ID, so that you can reach to the support team subsequently.

Second, copy the Letter of Guarantee and use it to verify the address specified at the site as to whether it’s actually linked with SmartMixer.

Third, deposit the coins to be cleaned through the mixing process.

Fourth, copy and securely save the smartcode to prevent the receipt of your coins in the future.

When you’ve sent in the coins, you can receive the statistical data in the window located at the bottom of the page.

Now you can finish your mixing operation at SmartMixer.


Our SmartMixer review shows that it’s easy to use. The fun and pretty UI will turn your mixing gigs into a pleasant endeavor. You don’t have to be an expert in crypto since all stages here are pretty straight-forward and simplified, so that everybody can successfully complete the process. Even the beginners. SmartMixers gives you a lot of anonymity and “cleanliness”, enabling to adjust the quality of the source for exchange coins, number of receipt addresses (up to 8), distribution percentages and time delays for each address. The highest fee you can pay here is 5% which is a lot in comparison to other services (e.g. ChipMixer where it’s 0%). But paying this money, you get the guarantees as to receiving the absolutely clean coins channeled from exchanges and private investors. And this might be a pretty enticing deal for those crypto enthusiasts who look for 100% guaranteed clean coins.

SmartMixer Reviews

I am impressed with speed of total mixing time.After discovering this mixer i feel bad for my wasted time on other services.Interface is easy,smooth and understanable. Even my grandmother can mix her coins in case of wanna be untraceable Cheesy I won’t hesitate to share this service with my friends. IMO this one will be my preferred mixer.


Full Member

Posting review as discussed on PM

There are few suggestions I would like to give here;
1. You should add QR code for bitcoin address on mixing page so that we can simply send bitcoin by scanning deposit address. Copying whole bitcoin address is not always a best practice.

2. I like overall design of the site but can’t mixing be done in just one page, not like redirecting through several pages. I think you can use ajax to make page preloaded instead of plain HTML which you might be using right now.


Hero Member

Quality: perfect accuracy,got exactly the amount which written on site Speed : Only 1 confirmation which only took 5 minute depending on blockchain, fastest mixing service i have ever seen. User experience : Really satisfied.

Unicorn Freak

Full Member

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