Anonymix Review 2024: Reliable & Fast Bitcoin Mixer

Updated: 1 Jan 2024

Anonymix review
  • Usability
  • Easy for beginners
  • Speed
  • Anonymity
  • Fees


The service was opened in 2019. It is a fully anonymous Bitcoin blender. The main feature of the service – very low price for using (only 0.3% per one session). It has plenty of positive reviews on deepweb-related websites. The reviewers describe Anonymix as reliable and cheap

How do we review? Our writers and editors spend hours analyzing and reviewing services and apps to help find what’s most suitable for you. Please find out more about how we test, research, and rate.Anonymix sets the fixed 0.3% fee for all your transactions which is pretty low as compared to other providers. It’s extremely fast with the deposit operations being recognized as valid after only 1 confirmation on the blockchain. Here, you can specify up 10 output addresses to effectively obfuscate your crypto’s movements within the ecosystem. In addition, users can set up delay period for each address individually. Another function you’ll surely love is the ability to adjust the distribution percentages so that your output payments don’t look suspicious as they might do with equal-share percentages.

Anonymix main features

  • Service Fee: fixed 0.3%;
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.002 BTC ;
  • Maximum Deposit: 221 BTC;
  • Registration: not required;
  • KYC policy: NO KYC;
  • AML policy: NO AML;
  • Logs policy: NO LOGS;
  • Support: 24/7 support via site contact-form.

Anonymix benefits compared to other BTC Mixers

It’s one of the fastest Bitcoin cleaning solution. Though some mixers might have super-pretty UI or allow you to adjust fees, when we reviewed Anonymix we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the deposit needs only 1 confirmation for the transaction to be officially recognized as valid by the mixer. And that’s for any amount of bitcoins you decide to clean at the site.

Is Anonymix legit?

Yes, Anonymix has a good reputation and is active in the crypto-community. This Bitcoin mixer is definitely not a scam and it has a long history of use to cleanse crypto.As you can learn from this Anonymix review, the site works fine and you can use it to anonymize your BTC fast.

How to use the Anonymix Bitcoin Tumbler?

The site has a very friendly & minimalistic UI for you to navigate around, so you’d probably be OK if you’ve had any previous experience of mixing before.

Here’s a detailed guide on all the steps you need to take here:

Stage 1. Starting the Process

Go to the main page and click the button “Begin Mix”. After click, you’ll get transferred to the next page where you can proceed with the order.

Stage 2. Adjusting settings for your mixing order

At the new page, you’ll see the field for you to specify the information about the receiving address. This is a very simple form to fill out, as compared to other mixers that sometimes make this process unbearably hard to complete.

Anonymix short FAQ:

How many addresses can I use?

At Anonymix, you can specify up to 10 output addresses. Primarily, the provider displays only one receiving address as a minimum. But if you want to set up a higher number of wallets, click the button “Add Address”.

Since the maximum number of wallets at Anonymix is 10, you should keep clicking on this button until you’ve added the required number of addresses.

We are sure you know that using several output addresses is probably the best practice when it comes to mixing. In this way, whenever anybody else attempts to follow your movements across the Bitcoin blockchain, they’ll see one input transaction to the coinmixer and multiple outgoing transfer from it. In such conditions, it’s virtually impossible for a blockchain analyst to understand the fate of your funds after they’ve reached the cryptomixer.

How do you set the delays?

At Anonymix, you can set the delays for each address individually, which is always great to have at the bitcoin laundry you use.

Click at the right-most field. Here, you can choose between the quick mix which means that your dirty BTC will be cleansed as soon as the transaction goes through. Or, you can set up the delay period which can be either 1, 3 or 5 hours.

The best approach is to set up different delays for your transactions. It seems that Anonymix looks to attract those users who want to mix their BTC asap, so you won’t find here lengthy delay periods. In comparison, some other mixers we’ve reviewed can delay your transactions for up to 72 hours.

How to adjust distribution percentages?

To obfuscate your BTC mixing operations, it’s particularly important to create the uneven distribution percentages for your output transaction if you use a number of receiving addresses.

All you need to do is specify the percentage values in the fields shown below.

Make sure that you use uneven percentages as opposed to equal splits (like 50%, 25%, 20%, etc.). If you do use the equal shares, this will surely open your transactions to blockchain analysis and possibly the deanonymization attacks down the road.

Now you just need to specify the addresses and click “Start Mixing” button, at which point you’ll get transferred to the next page.

Stage 3. Saving the order’s ID

Here’s the page that you’ll get transferred to.

Here you’ll need to find the order’s ID and save it somewhere securely. The point is that Anonymix doesn’t require its users to undergo the registration procedure which is the main mechanism to assure anonymity at a mixer. So, the only way for you to access the order after you’ve closed the browser tab is using the order’s ID.

Now that you’ve saved the order’s ID, you can proceed.

Stage 4. Depositing BTC

At this page, you’ll see the mixer’s wallet address and the corresponding scanner image for you to scan.

Importantly, you should complete all the deposit transactions within 24 hours. Otherwise, the admins won’t recognize them as valid, and you’d lose the funds. One of the cool benefits at Anonymix we found during our review is that you can deposit multiple amounts which makes your mixing operations much easier since you can gather funds from multiple wallets you own.

Stage 5. Monitor the order stats

At the last Stage, you’ll need to monitor the order stats, i.e. whether the mixer has received the BTC you’ve sent there and whether they’ve sent BTC to your receiving address. To monitor the situation, you’ll need to check the two sections shown at the picture below.

To get back into the order’s stats page, you should take the following actions. Close the browser tab, come back to the site’s main page and click the button “Mix Info” in the top menu.

Is it illegal to use Anonymix?

Mixing operations aren’t illegal as such, provided, of course, that you don’t reside in a country which stipulates the blanket ban on all Bitcoin operations. Even if you have stumbled into some dirty coins and you want to exchange them with clean ones, you can easily use any mixer site out there. And Anonymix isn’t different from any other providers operating online, so there’s nothing illegal in using this site.

When does it make sense to mix your Bitcoins?

Though many people think that Bitcoin is completely anonymous, the opposite is actually true. The wallet IDs, operating on the blockchain, aren’t connected to your identity. That’s true. But the minute you tie them with your real name, the full breadth of your past – and future – transactions immediately gets associated with your persona.

That’s why it makes sense to mix your coins whenever you want to keep your finances private and hidden from prying blockchain analysts. For instance, you want to make a large purchase via Bitcoin, but you also want to stay anonymous and prevent others from learning about your buy.

To do this, you can read our review of Anonymix and use this mixer to “clear” your payment. All you’ll have to do is specify your recipient’s wallet ID as the output address and set the delay settings to the “quick mix”. Though it might be possible to track your steps, using a Bitcoin mixer will make it much more difficult.


Anonymix features a very simple and minimalist UI, enabling any user to quickly learn the ropes and start mixing Bitcoin. The biggest benefit it offers is the fast processing terms with all deposits being recognized as valid just after 1 confirmation in the Bitcoin blockchain. In comparison, other mixers might require you to wait for 3-6 confirmation which will surely add up a significant amount of time to your mixing gigs and turn into a trouble when time is of particular importance. At Anonymix you can use up to 10 output addresses, adjust delays and distribution percentages for each address individually. This is a pretty high level of manual adjustments as compared to other mixers.

Anonymix Reviews

After testing the bitcoin mixing server i can see it and tell you that its smoothly all done after conformation it instantly received in forwarded address after the fee has been take. Website is not that but eye catch but this site don’t need that much fancy or some graphical work in site to make look good because mixing don’t need attract using graphic .. All will come to mix if there site function will good .and i can say its fast secure mixing service…


Full Member

Accuracy : perfect (got exactly the amount which I was supposted to get)
Speed : waited for 1 confirmation which only took aroun 20 minutes, really fast confirmation on deposit and fast mixing.
User experience : Very happy and whenever I want to mix my coins in future, I will use anonymix
Site design : Good an very clear. Also its relaxing to know you guys also have separate onion url for privacy.


Hero Member

Just used Anonymix mixing service. Overall, EXCELLENT service, the transaction registered immediately and I got back my mixed BTC after specified time delay (I sent 0.4 BTC). I also love the simple interface, which is easy even for the crypto-newbies. Satisfied customer here!


Full Member

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